<inout> and <beginpart:> : problem?


I'm trying a restart job using <beginpart:> in a case containing <special> <inout> feature.

The case is derived by examples/inletoutlet/07_CurrentHull and it works very well; the problem happens when I try to continue calculations using <beginpart:>:

it starts, but it stops with this error , in attached file

So, I decided to test the <beginpart:> feature, using some other case in example directory.

To do this, I wrote a script file able to launch sequentially gencase, DualSPHysics5.0 (first run, with only ten steps to calculate) and DualSPHysics5.0 again (restart run, again with 10 steps only) and I tested this script with some case in main (cases 04, 06 and 11): all OK. Both, my script and <beginpart:> feature, worked well!.

But, in my case, where <inout> and <beginpart:> are used together, I continue to receive the same error.

For completeness, I attach my script

Sorry, but comment are in Italian ...

Thank you all for help



  • Note that RESTART option is not working yet with coupling with Chrono or with inlet&outlet conditions


  • OK. It is what I suspected...

    Thank you very much for confirmation.

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