Tank Sloshing Validation


I tried simulating the experimental data presented in file No. 3 (chen2018.pdf).

The first file (CaseSloshingMotion_Def.txt) is the XML file containing the parameters for the simulation.

The second file (wCaseSloshingMotion_win64_CPU.txt) is the bat file containing the reference pressure point needed for this sloshing problem.

After simulation

The graph shows the pressure taken according to the reference point given in File No. 3. The results pattern generated in Out File seems to match Figure 5 of File No. 3. but there are some discrepancies. At 0≤t<1, where t= time is shown with a red marker. How do I get rid of the perturbation?

Secondly, I realized that at t=0, the numeral pressure recorded for the DualSPHysics was about 0.5 KPa as compared to 0 KPa for the results in Figure 5 of File No. 3 i.e. the pressure recorded did not start from the origin (green marker) as compared to File No. 3.

Please, all contributions and recommendations are welcome. I really need your help and thank you in advance


  • At the beginning you are getting the hydrostatic pressure.

    Noise is due to the initial particle reorganisation, perhaps you can run the simulation for the first second without motion and then use values starting from that. Of course you also need to remove the initial hydrostatic pressure (due to the initial water column)


  • @Alex Thank you for the feedback.

    I followed the recommendation and deleted the motion part of the XML file (I'm still not sure if that's the right way to go about it). I did the simulation but there was no pressure generated at the OUT file. Please how do I edit the bat file or what do I do If I want to get the hydrostatic pressure?

    NB: This is the only change I made to the bat file

    REM Executes BoundaryVTK4 to create a CSV file with positions where pressure is measured using MeasureTool4.

    %boundaryvtk% -motiondata %diroutdata% -saveposmotion:10:0:0:0.03 %dirout2%/PosCorrect -saveposmotion:10:0:0:0.03

    warm regards

  • "deleted the motion part of the XML file"

    what I suggested is to start motion later..... first second without motion

  • @Alex Thank you Sir

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