Increase number of Inlet

Hi there,

I realised that the number of inlets is limited to 16. Is it possible to increase this number? Thanks.



  • Hi Sam,

    I recently do some research on inlet and I found some problem. I would like to discus with you.

    But I don't understand what you said 'limited to 16'.

  • Hi Youngk,

    You can only set 16 inlets or outlets in the simulation, not more than that. I'm looking into the code to see how to change that.



  • Hi Sam,

    My simulation is quite simple so I didn't meet this problem.

    Have you ever tested the fliud volume come out of inlet? I built a box without top, and an inlet above it. The fluid come out of inlet and fill the box.

    The question is: the number of fluid particles mutiply the Vol of fluid particles doesn't equal to the volume of all fluid(total volume of fluid in the box L*W*H).  L*W*H is always more bigger then Vol*number.

    Do you know how to solve it?

  • Hi YoungK,

    SPH doesn't work that way, each particle sphere doesn't represent a volume of fluid. Please refer to the wiki doc for the theory. To measure the volume, just use MeasureTool, again, refer to the doc on how to use that.



  • Thank you Sam!

    Then I have one more question. How could I set an accurate volume flux on inlet.

    Is volume = inlet area*time*inlet velocity? but I never found this works.

    First I thought I set a relative bigger dp to inlet (dp=0.045 inlet=0.1*0.1),and inlet area was changed after pre process.

    Then I try to calculate volume by particle numbers and particle volume which you said this is wrong.

    In my simulation the key point is set an inlet with 0.00233m3/s. Now I don't konw how to set inlet volume flux right, and I also couldn't measure the fluid volume right (I'm try to use measuretool now).

    Looking forward to your reply

  • I would calculate the inlet velocity based on your inlet cross-sectional area and impose the fluid velocity at your inlet. You should then get the right flux.

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