Floating body external acceleration behavior

Hello all,

Hope all is well. Lately I have been working on modeling floating objects, I have observed something and I would really appreciate your input on this.

I started with the falling sphere example, specifically ....\examples\main\11_Floating, in that example the gravitational acceleration g=-9.81, when I set it to zero, g=0 and instead use an external file to define a constant acceleration of -9.81m/s^2, I get different results. The option "global gravity" does not seem to affect the solution.

I then tried spheres of different radius, and different problem configurations as well such as a body fully submerged in water etc. It always seem to be the case.

How can I use an external file which acts as a global acceleration both on fluid and solid bodies?



  • Can we define both fluid and solid mk 's when using acceleration input?

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