Forces acting on floating body

I recently ran two very similar DualSPHysics simulations. Both included a floating body excited by regular waves, the difference being one was connected to the bottom of the tank by a chrono spring. My questions arose while analyzing the plots of "ForceTotal.z", generated by compute forces, for both simulations. I will attach the plot of the forces for each simulation followed by my questions.

1. The chrono spring clearly has an effect of the forces acting on the body, however, I cant figure out a way to singularly analyze the chrono spring force. The "ChronoLink_forces.csv" generated is filled with zeros, I also noticed this to be the case for the examples using chrono springs. I read a previous comment by @Alex (will attach below) explaining the different chrono output files, but I seem to still have a misunderstanding. Is there a way to view the reaction force from the spring?

2. the output from compute forces seems to be very choppy/noisy. Is this inherent to the compute forces function and is there a way to avoid it? I assume this is more a measurement error or else it would be reflected in the displacement curves.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! 😃

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