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I set up a model of the seabed to the left side the second order wave made rules, 20 m, 2 m wave height, wave period, 10 seconds at point a, b, c, d, respectively, set up the observation point, but found that simulate a, d point of wave height showed a trend of larger before they are smaller, and wave height to 2 m, b, d point wave attenuation, high attenuation also seems to be abnormal, what reason is this?


  • Did you measure Free Surface Elevation with measuretool or with gauges?

    Depending on this please share your "elevation.txt" or you "Def.xml" file.

    I assume either you did not configure correctly your respective file, or you you switched something around in your plot.

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  • I used measuretool to measure it.Here are my "elevation.txt" and" def.xml "files

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    I assume you are doing something wrong in the Post Processing. I ran the simulation you sent and got the following:

    Please note:

    • Your simulation domain is quite short, so the waves will reflect at the back wall after some time. This might give you some unexpected results in free surface elevation as your waves will superimpose after a while.
    • The first measuring location (x=0m) in your points.txt file does not produce any usefulness information. Your piston wave generator lies at about x=5m. Thus there is no water at x=0m and a meaningful elevation can not be measured.
    • You might also want to decrease your dp. For proper wave propagation values of H/dp > 10 are suggested. In your case it is about 3.

  • Thank you very much. I will try to see the result according to your suggestion.

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