Filling Coastal Model to Sea Level

Hi all,

I am trying to 'fill' my domain up to a known sea level (in my case, z=2.0). I know this is the sea water level as I have validated it within ParaView.

I am creating the fluid particles like so:



          <setmkbound mk="0" />

<drawfilestl file="raster_model.stl"/>

<setmkfluid mk="1" />

<fillbox x="50" y="60" z="1.9">


<point x="0" y="0" z="0"/>

<size x="100" y="66.7" z="2"/>




My logic being, it would make fluid particles from a point I know is in the void requiring filling (x="50" y="60" z="1.9"), in a box that would cover the full x and y extent, and up to z=2.

When running GenCase, the fluid particles seem to produce fluid particles far higher than 2. It is almost as though it fills to z=height of land + 2.

I have looked at the example cases and the XML files for making fluid particles, and I am still a little confused. If anyone has done a similar setup or can see what I might be missing, any advice or signposting is very much appreciated.


  • <point x="0" y="0" z="0"/>

    <size x="100" y="66.7" z="2"/>

    those are the limits of the box!!!! so particles will be created only inside the limits of that box

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