Save the particles' trajectories in a single file

Given a selection of particles, I would like to save in a single file the entire history of positions, primarily for drawing the whole trajectories in Paraview.

So far I have fed the particle id's into PartVTK and obtained as many separate files as there are binary files. To combine the time history in a single document, I had thought of writing down a simple script processing the PartVTK output files produced in text format.

Before I move on, did I miss a possibility of instructing the DualSPHysics post-processing tools to output a single file containing the trajectories from begin to end? Thanks for tips and directions.

(Clearly not a question related to DualSPHysics 4.4, rather to 5.0, my bad. Forum master please move this to the right place. Thanks.)


  • Hi!

    Sorry if I am misunderstanding your question, is it something like this you seek:

    You could also try to play around with Paraview's "Particle Tracer" tool, in which you can then plot the whole history of a particle with a specific idp. Can take a day or two to figure out and I cannot recall exactly how I did it.

    This is assuming I understood your question correctly.

    Kind regards

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