Particle tracking from DualSPHysics output

I would be really grateful if you could help me out.

I want to track the particles using ParaView around my square pier, in a 3D dam-break case, which is analyzed in DualSPHysics, a lagrangian CFD solver. I can import the VTK files and plot the velocity vector in 3D. But when I go to use the streamline or particle tracing filters nothing shows up in ParaView. Furthermore, when I look into spreadsheet viewer I don’t see any data.

The same thing happens for contour/slice filter: When I select the contour/ slice filters, I get the options, but nothing is displayed (the wire-frame of the slice is displayed, but no actual interpolated slice map. Nothing at all for contour.)

The files are here -

Is there any way to visualize lagrangian particle tracking?

Thank you.


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