Case Pump


I have two questions about case pump in dual sphysics , would you please help me?

First ,How can i do post-processing for vtk files of Case Pump in ParaView after a complete run?

I mean how can i get ,for example, the Head-Q Diagram?

And Second question ,How can i validate Case Pump with experimental data?

Thank you very much ,best regards and stay healthy


  • Head-Q diagram cannot be computed inside Paraview. You need to use the Flowtool to compute the discharge and the MeasureTool for the water elevation and use those information to create the H-Q plot. You need also to run multiple simulations (one for each point of your H-Q curve).

    I strongly suggest to check the wiki where all those information are included:

    There are no experimental data for the Case Pump test case (as far as I know). The purpose of the test is to show who moving/rotating objects can be simulated in DualSPHysics.

    I hope it helps

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  • Thank you for your reply Dr Renato Vacondio

    It was so helpful

    Thanks a lot

    Best Regards

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