GPUs performance evaluation

Following the discussion here:

A few of us (@Asalih3d ), users of DSPH, wanted to evaluate the performance of hardware setup. This would help people deciding if they should upgrade their hardware.

As a first step, we choose to run the dambreak example as it is simple.

Here is the xml code I've run

It is set with dp=0.01, I've run test with dp from 0.01 to 0.005 every 0.001.

Here are the results (3xGTX1080ti +2xGTX1060)

Clockspeed are not the spec ones, but the ones I read under load with GPU-Z tool (don't forget to "pre-heat" your GPU as the actual clockspeed shown in sensors varies at the beginning). I did not detect any thermal throttling.

I've looked at the theoretical performance delta between two hardware setups and the actual (averaged between all simulations) performance delta.

Performances of the 3 1080ti are consistant between each other (different manufacturers and different CPUs).

Comparing 1080ti and 1060, the theoretical and actual delta are different (1060 perform 12% better than expected)

Feel free to crunch my numbers differently and discuss.

It would be very beneficial if other people could run the same test, especially with RTX series (2000 and 3000...).

Kind regards.


  • Awesome!

    I hope to get my results for my weaker GPU in the weekend to compare with. If anyone has access to 2000 and 3000 series and wants to share their results, it would also be quite nice. For now don't bother too much about exact version, just ensure it is atleast version 5.

    For now I think we keep results here in this thread, and later on perhaps we should migrate it to a github library. Unfortunately I am quite busy at the time.

    Kind regards

  • What is the perf row in the spreadsheet?

  • HI @jonnilehtiranta

    Perf for performance it is the product of numbers of cuda cores and clock speed.

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