Landslide-Induced Tsunami

Hello everyone,

My name is Mumtaz. I want to set up a new case of landslide-generated tsunami. I plan to use ground-like materials to generate the wave (either subaerial landslide or submarine landslide)

How do I generate a falling ground-like bodies as the source, and waters at the same case?

Which sample case(s) should I use in order to imitate the scenario?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hello again,

    Is there any way to simulate falling granular object (such as sand, ground, rocks) to the water body?

    Thank you.


  • Try downloading the DualSPHysics package and look into the multiphysics documentation with soil etc.

    Kind regards

  • Dear @Asalih3d,

    I already downloaded the DualSPHysics 4.4 package, but unfortunately I can't find the files.

    Where is the multiphysics documentation? In which example folder it is stored?

    Can you please help me to show it ? Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards

  • Yes of course, I just saw the message now sorry, it is placed in the DualSPHysics 4.4 folder, DualSPHysicsv4.4\examples\twophases\DSPHv3.4_LiquidSediment

    Kind regards

  • Thank you so much @Asalih3d . I will try to learn and simulate the case.

    Now, I can continue to experimenting :)

    Best Regards.

  • No problem, have fun

    Kind regards

  • Hi Mumtaz, did you success in setting up a new case of landslide-generated tsunami? I'm also interested in this, maybe we can have a communication.

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