Pressure Field using Inlet/Outlet


Using inlet/outlet, I observe an extremely nice velocity field, but the pressure field is extremely subpar, with extreme fluctuations - which of course leads to distrust in calculated forces.

Any immediate suggestions for rectifying this?

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  • @rvacondio and @taffo can help here

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    Thank you for tagging them Alex!

    I can inform that, following the Inlet/Outlet pdf guide, and using the options for more exact calculations, help slightly (or perhaps not at all).

    Most important; enable DensityDDT3 and use mDBC, DBC will dissappoint you. Which the guide also states, which was really nice. It helped me a lot!

    My experience; with a complex model you CANNOT stabilize pressure field, if you are doing 3D case and have an object penetrating the water. This is due to the wrong density/pressure initialization done by DualSPHysics when an object is drawn, i.e. a gencase issue.

    To circumvent this, make your geometry outside of water, and then move it down after a while in the simulation.

    Doing all of this, I got what looks like an acceptable pressure field, but need to do further digging.

    I would love to be proven wrong 😊

    Kind regards

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