Using Variables is not possible in MoorDyn?

I am trying to use them in connection with MoorDyn (which is under special) but it does not work.

Is this a bug or intended?

*** Exception (JXml::ErrReadAtrib) at ..\source\JXml.cpp:247
Text: Error reading xml - Value of 'value' invalid. It is not a valid real number.

I would hope that it would be possible to do everywhere, since I would then be able to program directly in DualSPHysics.

Kind regards


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    Iván Martínez @imartinezestevez , whose PhD is focused on coupling with MoorDyn and Chrono is working on that right now ;)

    I also need that since it is much more easy to use

  • Haha that is great to hear Alex! Sorry if I am posting a lot of questions / issues lately, I just like to make you guys aware of it, since I really want to help with software experience from a user perspective. For fun I was practicing in auto generating simulation domains etc. and when I got to mooring and it did not work, I was so "devastated" 😅

    I am looking forward to being able to do that - hopefully everywhere in the DualSPHysics XML in the future 😁

    Kind regards

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