Inlet layers implementation

Dear developers,

I have the following error message:

*** Exception (JSphInOutPoints::Create2d3d_Particles) at ..\source\JSphInOutPoints.cpp:165

Text: Domain size of particles in direction X is not zero.

Please, do you have any suggestion?

With best regards.


  • Hi, colleagues.

    Updating the problem status:

    Defining "<size x=0.0 ..." (in the 5th line below), the simulation runs, however, 4 layers of particles in the inlet are not created (just 1 layer is defined).

    <setmkfluid mk="0" />   



                <point x="-0.57" y="0.002" z="0.008" />

                <size x="0.0" y="0.391" z="0.130" />



    Following the inlet definition:


    <memoryresize size0="10" size="10" comment="Initial memory resize (size0) and the following memory resizes according to initial inlet/outlet particles (default=2 and 4)"/>

    <determlimit value="1e+3" comment="Use 1e-3 for first_order or 1e+3 for zeroth_order (default=1e+3)" />


    <refilling value="0" comment="Refilling mode. 0:Simple full, 1:Simple below zsurf, 2:Advanced for reverse flows (very slow) (default=1)" />

    <inputtreatment value="0" comment="Treatment of fluid entering the zone. 0:No changes, 1:Convert fluid (necessary for outlet), 2:Remove fluid (recommended for inlet)" />

      <layers value="4" comment="Number of inlet/outlet particle layers" />

        <zone3d comment="Input zone for 3-D simulations">

          <particles mkfluid="0" direction="right" />


             <imposevelocity mode="0" comment="Imposed velocity 0:fixed value, 1:variable value, 2:Extrapolated value (default=0)">

                <velocity v="1" comment="Uniform velocity" units_comment="m/s" />





    The updated question is:

    "How to create 4 layers of inlet particles?"

    Best regards.

  • Colleagues,

    This works with 4 layers of particles in the inlet from the 1st iteraction.

    Good exercise!

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