pointmin pointmax relation to simulation domain min max


I have an stl file and I have defined the pointmin and pointmax of two diagonals of a box that completely surrounds the geometries present in the .stl file.

I used simulation domain all 'default' values in the execution segment of the Def file. I also played with the default range by giving +/- 20%. But I don't see any boundary particles generated for the stl files as the .out log says:

Particle limits:

 X range: 0 to 0 [m]

 Y range: 0 to 0 [m]

 Z range: 0 to 0 [m]

[SaveCase3D-End time:0.017s]

What could be the issue?


  • Please paste here your XML file

  • hello I think the problem here was i used a body fitted box (not orthogonal) to pick the pointmin and max. When I used an orthogonal block to get the co ordinates it was ok. Do you think it was the problem?

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