Splitting waves into incident and reflected waves?

Does DualSPHysics include a easy way of doing this using the gauges in the post-processing tool?

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  • You will have to do the same as in the physical modelling... so using 2-3 wave gauges and with different methods from literature (Mansard and Funke) or software (Wavelab) you can compute incident and reflected component. And in the case of regular waves you can just use the Healy method.

    But this is sthg indepent on the CFD... you can compute the info you need to postprocess and obtain that info as it is done in any physical facility.


  • Thanks for your comment @Alex!

    Could you perhaps send me a link to the Wavelab software? For some reason I only find musical programs.. :-)

    And thanks for the clarification!

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  • Wavelab software is commercial...

  • Sure, but where can I find it?

    When I search google it only shows me musical programs.

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  • Thank you very much @sph_tudelft_nl !

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