Investigation of general wave load on ship hull

Hi All.

Our aim is investigation of general wave load on ship hull in open rough sea.

Something around, but without LNG tanks - only the hull with simple superstructures.

So we have a steady wave condition and a ship moving with the low speed under some angle to the wave propagation direction.

The MUST conditions:

1. The whole picture is essentialy 3D.

2. No boundary effects (wall, beach, inlet/outlet) are permitted.

3. The ship is moving or its movement is imitated with the steady flow of water.

4. The ship is always in the center of visualisation picture.

The existant examples deal with either the flow (inletoutlet/07_CurrentHull) or waves (main/06_Wavemaker) separately.

More over, they satisfy our demands 1-4 in various combination but not all of them.

Our experiments based on inletoutlet/07_CurrentHull and main/09_WavesPiston end up with the terrible picture,

where huge (comparing the hull size) backward wave appears from suppossedly damping area (, caution - Paraview-generated .avi, 90Mb).

Does anybody deal with the something alike?

Any details (..._Def.xml) - in case of somebody's interest.


  • Hi Pavel,

    It looks like you are having issues at the outlet, which is quite predictable given that example 07 in the Examples folder imposes a mere fixed velocity at the outlet. That won't work with waves.

    You need to look into how waves are dealt with with I/O conditions and carefully take that into considerations when assigning I/O conditions in DualSPHysics. Coupling with external wave software might also be needed or help.

    Please see the below for some references on what I am referring to:


    Angelo Tafuni

  • Hi Angelo.

    Many thanks for your immediate answer.

    Does it mean that we can’t define our complete case

    using only the possibilities of ..._Def.xml?

    If can’t — what kind of additional programming would be


    We need a some time to get acquainted with your


    Best regards,


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