Looking for papers about boundary conditions

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Recently, I am trying to investigate the influence of different boundary conditions. I noticed that, in DualSphsics, only Dynamic Boundary Condition is implemented but some discussions about the different boundary conditions have been tested in the papers Domínguez (2015) and Crespo (2007). I searched these papers in internet but did not find any available source. Could anyone forward me the copy of these papers?

The papers title are:
“Evaluation of reliability and efficiency of different boundary conditions in an SPH code” by Domínguez JM, Crespo AJC, Cercós-Pita JL, Fourtakas G, Rogers BD, Vacondio R. 2015

“Boundary conditions generated by dynamic particles in SPH methods” by Crespo AJC, Gómez-Gesteira M and Dalrymple RA. 2007.

Thank you very much.


  • I am sorry for forgot leaving my email address. My address is:
  • Could I also get access to the paper from 2015 ? I need it for my master thesis and can not find it anywhere online. Or at least provide a link where I can find them.

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