Distance between floats

I was using the chrono module to simulate a large number of floats and noticed that there was a very noticeable gap between each float, at first I thought it was a problem with the way I was using the DBC contact, but then I realized that it could be due to the distribution of particles inside each float. Because my floats were created with an angle to the horizontal plane, it resulted in a very uneven distribution of particles inside, and that's what led to the gaps between the floats. I'm not sure if this guess is correct, so I'm hoping someone will chime in with the answer, and a solution, thanks!

It's not the way I thought the particles would be arranged.


  • I tried <setfrdrawmode> and it changed the alignment of the particles to what I wanted, but the gap between the floats is still there. How can I solve this problem?@Alex

  • The spacing disappears when I change the float to horizontal.

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