Use of MDBC

Is it possible to simulate a large number of floats when using the MDBC method? I was using the chrono module to simulate a large number of floats and found that there were large gaps between the blocks, I learned later that I could use the MDBC method to improve this, but I didn't find any examples that simulated a large number of blocks, basically just a tank and fluid. Thank you guys for your answers!


  • In fact, that is the best combination

    You need to define same geometries for the collisions in Chrono than the ones to define boundary interface for normals in mDBC.

    You should follow same approximation than in DualSPHysics_v5.2\examples\mdbc\09_FloatingDuck... and use the geometry [CaseName]_hdp_Actual.vtk to define the faces for collisions in the chrono section


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