Vertical Axis Turbine - Hinge link

Hello everyone!

I am trying to simulate (in 2D) a vertical axis turbine based on drag forces. The turbine is composed of a central axis and four blades. Each blade is connected to the central axis thanks to a hinge link. I then impose the rotationnal speed of the axis in the floating parameters. The problem is that the blades don't follow the rotationnal speed of the centrale axis and I don't know what i am doing wrong...

You will find some part of the xml def case below :

Thx a lot for your help!



  • If you are going to impose the rotation then you do not need to use a floating object and a hinge... You can just impose rotational motion to an object

    In any case, the object will be created with four geometries BUT all of them under the same mkbound


  • Thx Alex for your answer!

    My case is like the water wheel case where I would impose the rotational speed of the wheel and where i want to study the kinetic of the buckets. In my case, the wheel corresponds to the central axis and the buckets to the blades of the turbine.

    So, i think that i need to use floating objects no?



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