7th DualSPHysics Workshop

Dear DualSPHysics users,

Dear Colleagues,

This is a friendly reminder of the 7th DualSPHysics Workshop which will be held in Bari, Italy on March 19-21, 2024. The event is co-organized by the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Politecnico di Bari, and it is sponsored by the same institutions and Acquedotto Pugliese SpA.

The Workshop program is now available and it includes a training day, delegate presentation sessions and lectures from developers on the latest, major developments and features of the code.

Training Day (March 19, 2024) will include two practical sessions:

- a session for DEVELOPERS, to learn how to modify and compile the DualSPHysics source code;

- a session for USERS, to learn how to set up and run DualSPHysics simulations with and without the GUI DesignSPHysics

Days 1-2 (March 20-21, 2024) will be devoted to technical sessions where both DualSPHysics users and developers will present on their work. Below is a preliminary list of developers’ talks:

- Novelties in DualSPHysics

- Variable-resolution in DualSPHysics

- Updates on modified Dynamic Boundary Conditions (mDBC)

- Updates on Density Diffusion Terms (DDT)

- Updates on multi-phase DualSPHysics

- How to manage and contribute to the DualSPHysics project using the public repository

Two exciting keynote lectures will be held. The first will be presented jointly by Drs Matteo Antuono and Salvatore Marrone (CNR-INM, Italy) on "A brief story of numerical diffusion in SPH". The second keynote will be presented by Dr Georgios Fourtakas on “Industrial use of DualSPHysics: past, present and future”.

We encourage everyone who wishes to present their work to submit a 1-page abstract by January 15, 2024. Instructions for authors are available here.

Additional Workshop information can be found at https://dual.sphysics.org/7thworkshop/

Should you have any questions about the 7th DualSPHysics Workshop, please email 7dsw@njit.edu

Best regards,

DualSPHysics team

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