Compile Error -Windows


I am trying to compile the code on windows ( using the command prompt) and i get this error.

I know that for windows the code is already compiled, but I need to recompile the code after adding some modifications .

Just to mention that these

errors appear in the original code and not the one I modified.


Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Hello, the error appears when you compile on Windows with a linux-based compiler like g++ because your system loads the functions for Windows but the compiler looks for the linux definitions.

    To fix that you have to compile on Windows using Miscrosoft Visual Studio 2022 (v143) ( or compile on a linux host with g++. There is another alternaive using the toolchain MSYS2 (, which allows using g++ for Windows.

  • Thank you for your immediate response.


    I will try both.

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