How to recompile DualSPHysics with Chrono

Hi everyone,

I would like to use DualSPHysics v5.2 coupled with Project Chrono on a Linux machine with GLibC v2.17, but it looks like that shared objects (.so files) in the released DualSPHysics package are part of a newer version of the GNU C Library. For this reason, I was not able to get access to Project Chrono provided as a pre-compiled library in DualSPHysics.

To resolve this issue, I am trying to somehow recompile the codes on the Linux machine. However, there seem to be no comprehensive guides to the step-by-step compilation process as far as I searched, so It would be really appreciated if someone could answer the following questions.

1. Which version of Project Chrono should I download and install for coupling with DualSPHysics v5.2?

2. Is it necessary to download both the Eigen library and the Irrlicht library for coupling with DualSPHysics v5.2? Note that description on the webpage below is probably related to the latest version of Project Chrono and might not apply to the older versions.

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  • Hello,

    The DualSPHysics v5.2 package ( includes another version compiled for older linux kernels. 

    To execute the code on older linux distributions, there is another folder called bin/linux/DSGcc7 that contains the precompiled DualSPHysics and Chrono binaries. In case you want to recompile DualSPHysics, you can modify the CMakeLists.txt or Makefile files and link to the path src/lib/linux_gcc7 instead of the default one (src/lib/linux_gcc) by following:

    •  CMakeLists.txt (line 72): LINK_DIRECTORIES(${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/../lib/linux_gcc7)
    •  Makefile (line 14): LIBS_DIRECTORIES:=$(LIBS_DIRECTORIES) -L../lib/linux_gcc7

  • @imartinezestevez Thank you for the useful information. Much Appreciated.

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