explanation of the outputparts


I have seen a Def file segment which looks like this where I have used a vtk file for input geometry:

      <outputparts preselection="none" comment="Initial selection: all or none">

        <_ignore nparts="10" comment="Ignore filters every nparts output files (default=0)" />

        <!-- *** operation="add": Includes selected particles *** -->

        <!-- *** operation="del": Excludes selected particles *** -->

        <!-- *** operation="confirm": Intersection operation with already included particles *** -->

        <!-- *** inverse="true": Inverse selection (default=false) *** -->

        <!-- *** <filtertype>: Selection according to particle type *** -->

        <filtertype operation="add" inverse="false">

          <type v="fluid" comment="Selection by type: bound, fixed, moving, floating and/or fluid" />



What is the function of the </outputparts> block ? i did not find this in xml guide.


  • This needs proper documentation in the next releases.

    This section defines what information can be included in the output files such as if only some type of particles can be saved, if only some files, etc...


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