Filling STL file using fill box

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Dear DualSPHysics users,

I am working on a case of sliding a fluid along a boundary. The fluid is imported as a STL file, and to fill it with particles I have used fill box. However, the STL file can not be entirely filled with particles

The cross section shows that the STl file is like a boundary. I would greatly appreciate your insights on how to resolve this issue.

Here is a part of XML file:


      <definition dp="5">

        <pointmin x="-5000" y="-5000" z="400" />

        <pointmax x="5000" y="3500" z="2500" />




<setshapemode>actual | dp | bound</setshapemode>

          <setdrawmode mode="full" />

                   <setmkbound mk="0" />

<drawfilestl file="GROUND_DOWNSTREAM.stl"/>

<shapeout file="Boundary" reset="true"/>


   <!-- Fluid-->   


           <setmkfluid mk="1" />

<setdrawmode mode="full"/>

<drawfilestl file="DRIR.stl">

 <drawmove x="-5" y="0.0" z="20"/>


<fillbox x="2255" y="-5" z="920">


<point x="1600" y="-1100" z="620"/>

<size x="2000" y="1800" z="980"/>



<shapeout file="Debris" reset="true"/>  








Best regards,



  • Hello,

    You should verify if the fillbox seed targtes a empty space inside your DRIR.stl



  • Thank you very much TPouzol,

    I double checked it and the point is an empty space inside the STL. Upon closer inspection, I can see some part of STL file remain unfilled. I used setdrawmode = face and then filled it . Despite these , there is still empty space inside.

               <setmkfluid mk="1" />

    <setdrawmode mode="full"/>

    <drawfilestl file="DRIR.stl">

      <drawmove x="-5" y="0.0" z="15"/>


    <fillbox x="2400" y="-370" z="1042">


    <point x="1700" y="-1000" z="720"/>

    <size x="1800" y="1600" z="880"/>



    <shapeout file="Debris" reset="true"/>  

    I would appreciate any insights or suggestions .



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