How to generate linear waves?


I was trying to simulate a linear wave, but found that DualSPHysics only seemed to support output stokes waves. Can anyone tell me how to generate linear waves, or provide a viable solution?

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  • You can simulate linear waves in DualSPHysics, 1st order (Ary) and 2nd order as well. In addition you can simulate solitary and focused waves.

    So not sure where is the problem?

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    Thanks for your reply! I already know how to generate linear waves, so forgive me if I don't know anything about wave theory.

    Another problem is that when I reproduce the case of a 2D floating box under the regular waves, I find that the motion response is good. Except for the pitch motion of the floating, its amplitude is always smaller than the experimental data, although the artificial viscosity coefficient has been reduced from 0.01 to 0.005. The calculation conditions and results I configured are below. What can I do to improve?

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    Pitch can be improved following two approaches:

    1) playing with center of gravity since it can be the one computed by GenCase or you can change that +dp or zp in z position (dp is your numerical error so you can play with that)

    2) using mDBC instead of DBC


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