free surface height measurement resolution question

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I see the free surface elevation calculation tool has this format:


1.3474 0.54623 1.1774

0 0 0.001

1 1 1000


#BeginX BeginY BeginZ

#StepX StepY StepZ

#CountX CountY CountZ

Does the Step in the 2nd line have resolution less than the dp length? If yes, how is that possible? For example, if the dp is 0.01m, can the step in any direction be less than 0.01m?


  • Dear user

    Please check the PDF "PostprocessingCalculations_v5.2.pdf" that you can find in DualSPHysics_v5.2\doc\guides

    Slides 14-18 explain that a numerical probe with many points of control can be created to compute mass, those points will be used to detect the free surface.

    Therefore StepX StepY StepZ are only distance to define those points. The smaller they are the finer the search for the free surface will be



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