All particles falling out of domain


Using designSPHysics to construct my cases with stl files as both the solid objects and the initial fluid portion I am unable to keep any of the particles in my domain.

My main use case is as an artificial wave tank, in which I can place breakwaters. however when i start the simulation all the fluid falls due to gravity then leaves the faces of the boundary.

I am coming over from packages like openFOAM, where I would define the simulation boundary conditions, but I cant see a way to do this.


  • You always have to open Case_All.vtk in Paraview to see what particles you have created. I am pretty sure that some walls are missing.

    In any case if you know the dimensions of your tank is better if you created that as a box with the faces you need instead of loading STL.

    Other option for you is to start using our DualSPHysics package directly...

    Please check the following video:

  • Hello,

    Simulation boundaries are open in DSPH, so you need to define/draw the tank (either use the gencase tools or import a geometry ".stl")


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