ComputeForces project source code

Dear Developers,

Thank you very much for developing and supplying the DualSPHysics code, especially as open source.

I am currently evaluating the force acting on objects in an open channel with free surface using DualSPHysics. I am using the MeasureTools to evaluate the pressure on the surface of the object and computing their sum and comparing them with the results from the ComputeForces function. There are differences between the values and I would like to look into the source code for the ComputeForces function to investigate the reason for this behavior. I have read the article,

as well as the ComputeForces5_Help.out in doc/help, PostprocessingCalculations_v5.2.pdf,

to understand how the forces are evaluated.

It would help me greatly if I could take a look at the source code for the ComputeForces function.

Thank you very much in advance.


  • Are you using with ComputeForces the "-viscoauto" option?


  • Dear Alex,

    Thank you very much for your quick reply.

    As for the ComputeForces options, I am not supplying any viscosity options so I believe it defaults to


  • You are right, viscoauto is the option by default

    Can you then share with us the files to check and reproduce your issue?


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