How to output different type of fluid particles in VTK?

Hi everyone.

I am trying to output two different fluid particles with their values. and I imitated the Liquid-Sediment case in the previous version of DualSPHysics like the Pic shows:

But when I try to do this in DualSPHysics5.2, The program does output two kinds of VTK, But only one of the particles group can be visual in the Paraview:

I have referenced the PartVTK_Help.out but found no suggestion about the multiple-type output.

Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? Thanks a lot!


  • Perhaps I need to provide some additional information. In my multiphase flow simulation, I have defined two types of fluids, identified by "mk." In the post-processing phase, typically all fluids are outputted without distinction using the Partfluid particle group. If I want to output different properties of the fluids separately, how should I proceed?

    Can someone give me suggestions?

  • Check the info of the fluid domains in the output XML, sections after "</execution>"


  • Thank you for your patience and answers! I think I have misunderstand the "mkfluid" and "mk"!

  • mk=mkfluid+1


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