Phase difference of waves between analytical and numerical simulation

i am currently simulating 2d wave by means of relaxation zone method problem is numerical wave height is close to stokes 2nd order theory but.there is phase difference between waves from analytical(stokes 2nd order ) and numerical.

blue colored line is numerical and other is analytical.avobe figure is obtained by simulating dualsphysics exapmle folder named wavecoupleing(rz regular waves).

but when i simulate waves by other means(pistin,flap) there is no phase difference. can someone help me with this phase diffence prblm. why this occurs in case of relaxation zone method. 😑


  • You have to check if you are measing at the same location form generation zone in both cases: analytical and numerical !!!

  • @Alex Measuring from genereation zone, does it mean measuring from center of generation zone?

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