Release of DualSPHysics v5.2

Novelties in pre-processing tools

  • Advanced method to fill external geometries especially useful for mDBC (filling depth configurable by depthmin and depthmax)
  • Improved management of data for normal vectors (simpler, faster and less space required)
  • Automatic bathymetry from elevation points
  • Initial distribution with degree of randomness for non-deterministic simulations
  • Improved initial density gradient for complex simulations
  • Creates help VTK files with domains of main drawing operations

Novelties in DualSPHysics solver

  • mDBC can be applied now to floating bodies
  • New options to configure mDBC normal vectors in DualSPHysics
  • Lagrangian formulation for flexible-structure interaction (FSI)
  • DualSPHysics updated for latest compilers (Visual Studio 2022 (v143), gcc 11.2, CUDA 11.7)
  • DualSPHysics compiled for AMD GPUs as well
  • Focused waves generation (1st and 2nd order theory)
  • Advanced refilling rate to increase performance of inlet/outlet

Novelties in post-processing tools

  • New post-processing tool for particle trajectories (TracerParts)
  • New options to calculate fluid elevation and depth
  • Calculation of fluid energy with PartVTK
  • Simple definition of measurement positions by execution parameters
  • Calculation of intrinsic and extrinsic moment forces
  • Automatic viscosity setting from XML or BI4 files
  • ViscoBoundFactor is supported by post-processing tools
  • Supports single and double precision mixing of PARTs

Other improvements in DualSPHysics solver

  • CFL number configuration by execution parameters
  • New options to configure an initial ramp for DDT
  • BoundCorr feature was replaced with mDBC
  • Execution parameter for saving VTK with mDBC normals during simulation
  • Chrono features can be used with different RigidAlgorithm options
  • Updates mooring library with MoorDynPlus v2.041
  • GainStroke is applied to stroke calculation for focused waves
  • Add timers for gauge tasks

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