pipe flow - inlet outlet

Hi all,

I am relatively new to DualSPHysics and I've tested some of the examples. I tried to create a 3D pipe with bends and implement inlet/outlet to simulate pipe flow but to no avail (errors with domain, inout errors, etc). I am wondering if its ever possible to create such simulation with inlet/outlet as i've seen examples and guides saying its an "open-boundary inlet/outlet" implementation (since pipes are more of a closed system)

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  • @taffo can help you here

  • Hi, I am also new in duals physics. I am struggling in modifying the inlet-outlet flow original code from duals, if you can help me, i can pay your service. I really need this project 😓

  • I am not sure if there is a specific question but It is possible to simulate confined flows with inlet/outlet BCs.

    We have published an article with 3D confined microchannels testing in expansion/contractions. I might help you

    You will find it here:


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