DrawFileStl Depth problem

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Building on the Duck example, I tried to import my own stl file. However, the depth function seems to act weirdly.

Upper picture is from blender: normals are inward (water flow in), 2 openings on the right

Down picture is paraview: result from gencase, missing walls.

Is there some limitations ?

Best regards


  • Hi @TPouzol , I am not sure what you mean... so please send to us an email to dualsphysic@gmail.com or directly to me alexbexe@gmail.com

  • Hello @Alex

    Here is another test I made:

    It really seems that it is bst suited for outfacing geometry (example 0 and 1). I found a dirty solution by adding planes outward facing surrounding the geometry (example 2 to 5).

    I also sent you an email if you want to reproduce my problem.

    Best regards

  • Small mistake here, situation 1 should say Cube inward facing

  • OK, we will check your email

    I will ask @jmdalonso for help if needed

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