STL and mDBC


Using the new DSPH 5.2 version I could import a STL, calculate its normals and then apply mDBC. However, I'm unable to import 2 STL under 2 MK values. The option to calculate normals does not accept multiple "<geometryfile" lines or multiple occurence of the following:


<geometryfile file="[CaseName]_hdp2_Actual.vtk"/>

<distanceh value="2.0"/>


Am I missing something ? Is it possible ?



  • The two STL files should be saved in [CaseName]_hdp2_Actual.vtk

  • Hello @Alex ,

    Thanks, I didn't know we could put two different mk in the same shapeout.

    However, when I run a simple test I observe a small gap (1dp) around the fixed boundaries (float seems OK). See figure below (seen from above). Is it normal ?


  • The gap between boundary particle and fluid particle using mDBC will be of dp/2

    Another story is the isosurface..... better if you plot particles directly to see if there is a gap or not

    If there is gap, then there should be an issue with your XML using mDBC

  • OK thanks ! So no real problem here !


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