Initial state of water pressure and water level

I have a question about a hydrostatic pressure problem.

I used the model in Figure 1 and measured hydrostatic pressure and water level at the center of the model under the conditions (x,y,z=1,1,1), dp=0.01, TimeMax=100s.

Figures 2 and 3 show these measurements.

Figure 2 shows that the measured pressure near the bottom is significantly different from the calculated value.

From Figure 3, we can observe a drop in the water level.

In these simulations, no ParticleOut is measured and there is no decrease in the number of particles.

Can this problem be solved by adjusting one of the parameters?

Also, do I need to take the static model results into account when running other dynamic simulations?


  • Hello,

    Since your dp=0.0, water level changes seems rather small (0.002) I think that should be expected since particles are generated on a cartesian grid and rearrange themselves after.

    Regarding the pressure, problems are appearing near the bottom (less than 0.1m = 10 dp). I think that is normal, especially if ou used DBC (rather than mDBC).


  • Thanks for the reply.

    Can I know the source on the DualSPHysics website?

    I was convinced about the water level.

    Is using mDBC the solution to measure about the pressure at the bottom?

  • You should use:

    • mDBC
    • density diffusion term Fourtakas full
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