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I am a recent user of DualSPHysics and I have a question that has arisen as I use it.

I have generated regular waves using Piston, and I would like to know why there is an error between the input wave height and the wave height measured using wg.

As for dp, it is set to wave height/10.

I would like to know. Thank you in advance.


  • Can you please share with us your results? so that surface elevation at 6 meter from piston using SPH and theory?

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    Hi Alex, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you for your reply.

    Please find attached the results for your confirmation.

    The wave height was measured at 6.24m.

    I also have two additional questions.

    1. You specified a height of 6m from the piston, why 6m?

    2. When I look at the resulting graph, not only do the wave heights not appear to be in line with the input, but they also appear to be damped.

    I am concerned that the attenuation is given, but that it is slowing down much earlier than that.

    I would appreciate an answer to both of these questions.

  • Dear user

    I am looking into your problem

    but regarding your question: "You specified a height of 6m from the piston, why 6m?"

    I do not know what you mean?

  • I have created your case, and I do not understand what is your objective....

    You have created a 3d rectangular tank of more than 15 m....

    You are creating waves of H=0.15, T=1s, depth=0.66 so that L=1.5

    And you are computing wave elevation at 6 meters fro the piston... so that 4 wavelengths

    Can you explain what are you simulating? and the objective?

  • Thank you for your response.

    To your question about what was the purpose of the simulation.

    I recently started using DualSPHysics and wanted to know the characteristics of this software.

    So I ran the simulation to see if the input and output values would match when the wave was generated by the piston.

    I am very sorry for the trouble, but I would appreciate your response.

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    You can run example WavesPiston in exsmples/main

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