output the stress and strian in the flexible structure simulation

Hello developers,

Thanks for sharing the new releaased vesion 5.2. When I tried the flexible structure simulation, I could not find the stress and strian information from the post-process data. So, I want to know that is there some way to output the stress and strian results of the flexible structure since it is very important for the structure deformation analysis. Besides, I tried the BoundaryVTK post-processcode to shape the deformed stucture but found it not correct (shown in the FIG).


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I hope to find some way to solve my problems.


  • Hello @yueguotian ,

    There is no capability to compute the stress and strain directly from DualSPHysics and generate that information with BoundaryVTK. However, you can compute the stress/strain in the post-processing stage by using the .csv files that contain the information of each particle (using PartVtk and the option -savecsv) and then, with an script you can take the particles of the structure in order to compute the stress for each one and finally, you can create the .vtk files to be visualised in Paraview.

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