How to extract turbulent kinetic energy?


Does anyone know how to extract turbulent kinetic energy (tke) in the flow field?

I found that there are relevant commands in the HELP file, but there is no sample file:

-tke      Turbulent Kinetic Energy is calculated using the average velocity of selected PARTS

I tried to imitate the commands of other MeasureTools, but the system prompted me with 'Text: The configuration of interpolation points is invalid.'

This seems to require me to provide interpolation points '-points' , but if I want to obtain a tke nephogram as shown in the figure below, do I also need to provide interpolation points?

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  • One of the novelties in v5.2 is to calculate fluid energy with PartVTK

    Please check PartVTK_help.out to get more information about how to use it

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