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Is the source code for "PartVTK_linux64" or "MeasureTool_linux64" available? I have some questions on how the code works, but I can't find any docs or source code.


  • Those codes are not open-source...

    However ToVtk is, and you can find it in the full package


  • Is there at least some documentation somewhere?

  • Unfortunately that link is not helpful. I'm looking for more details on how to use the ""MeasureTool_linux64" and other tools like it (measuring forces, creating iso surfaces, etc.). I've looked through the examples, which are obviously very helpful, but they don't explain what options are available for the tools, their syntax, etc. If you don't want to share the source code, there should at least be documentation on how to apply them. I think we can both agree on this.

    That being said, my immediate question is how to control the number of processors used? The default is "all", which I don't want to use. Maybe you can at least tell me how to limit this option?

  • From MeasureTool4.out

     -threads:<int> Indicates the number of threads for parallel execution of

       the interpolation, it takes the number of cores of the device by default

       (or using zero value).

    I note that you write "processors" so perhaps this is not what you are asking for.

    Kind regards

  • I'm not exactly sure where "MeasureTool4.out" is, but nevertheless, you gave me some insights to share. I found that if I ran the tools without any parameters, it would dump the optional arguments. For example, running "./MeasureTool_linux64" gives:

    MeasureTool v5.0.156 (19-05-2021)


    LoadDsphConfig> .../bin/linux/DsphConfig.xml

    Information about parameters of execution:

     MeasureTool <options>

     Basic options:

       -h             Shows information about parameters

       -ver          Shows version information

       -opt <file>    Loads configuration from a file

     Define input file :

       -dirin <dir>      Indicates the directory with particle data

       -casein <casename> Name of case file with particle data

       -filexml file.xml Loads xml file with information of mk and

                          and other information. The word 'AUTO' can

                          be used to load the xml used in the simulation.

       -first:<int>   Indicates the first file to be computed

       -last:<int>    Indicates the last file to be computed

       -files:<values> Indicates the number of files to be processed




    There's much more in the output, but I can only share so many characters here. Point being, this is very helpful to understand what options are available and the syntax.

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