Maximum Particle Limit

Hi, I’m a bit new to using DualSPHysics, but I’ve been using it to run some fluid simulations for my job. We’ve been running DesignSPHysics through FreeCAD to try and reproduce the results of a different simulation software.

Our simulation’s wave pool is about 60m*20m*5m, and we’d ideally like the simulation to have an inter-particle distance of 0.01 meters. Given the amount of water in the pools, this would be about 4,500,000,000 particles.

My work's computers have very powerful GPUs and enough space to properly store the sim's output. However, I’m wondering if there’s a hard-coded limit that would keep a particularly large simulation from running.

When we try to run this simulation, we get various issues, though the problem description varies depending on the inter-particle distance. For example:

When the inter-particle distance is set to 0.01 and I hit Run Gencase, I get the following error message: “Error executing GenCase. Did you add objects to the case? Another reason could be memory issues.” The details read:

“*** Exception (JSpaceDraw::Init) at ..\Source\JSpaceDraw.cpp:263. The grid size for creating points is too large. The Dp should be increased or a smaller domain should be used.”

Higher distances let me Run Gencase, but stop me when I run the actual simulation.

When the inter-particle distance is set to 0.03, the error message reads: Case configuration not found.

When the inter-particle distance is set to 0.033, the error message reads: Failed GPU memory allocation.

For the last one, that might be a technical issue on our end, but we should be able to get the GPU to process the simulation. Disregarding that, is there a point at which DualSPHysics just won’t run your simulation, even when your GPU and storage are capable of handling it?


  • The important memory is the GPU memory size. Usually you can go to several tens of millions, not more


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