How to set the initial density gradient? Plz Help

When I am setting the initial parameters, there is an initial density gradient. Can anyone help me explain its meaning and how to set it? My liquid has uniform density, and it has Rhop0, water column, and max water height corresponding to 1, 2, and 3, respectively. The numbers that can be entered here are between 0 and 9. How should I set it?


  • Initial gradient:

    1) Rhop0 will give rhop0 density to all fluid particles

    2) Water column, will assigne a hydrostatic density gradient to a column (so starting from free surface)

    3) Max. water height will use the maximum height of fluid particles as reference to start applying the hydrostatic density gradient.

    Playing with options and plotting density of initial Case_Fluid.vtk in Paraview you will understand this better.


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