Particle Distance changes Damping?

Hi everyone,

I’m kinda new to DualSPHysics, so I’m still getting a feel for things.

I’ve been running some wave pool tests lately. I’ve noticed that waves tend to dampen and fizzle out much faster when the inter-particle distance is higher. Is there a cause for this? It seems like the less particles there are, the more their velocities appear averaged together and evened out.

I’d like to avoid running needlessly large simulations if I can, but I’d also like the waves to keep their energy for the length of my wave pool.

I was wondering if there was a way to overcome this. For instance, an option that will bias particle collisions to favor the particle with the largest momentum? (Maybe that’s an odd request to make of a physics software, but I’d still be curious if any relevant features existed.)

Also, does the smoothing kernel have an effect on this?


  • Usually you need 8-10 particles per wave height.

    That is a common rule to define your resolution.

    You can read the works of Altomare et al. 2017 or Rota-Roselli et al. 2018


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