Surface Elevation measurement not matching theoretical


I am generating an irregular wave using the JONSWAP spectrum in a 2D wave domain. I use measuretool to evaluate the surface elevation at various points and compare the theoretical and measured values.

However, upon comparing the theoretical and measured values at X = 0, I do not see either magnitude or phase matching between the two. They look like two completely different waves (as shown below)

I used the WavePaddle_mkxx.csv file to find the theoretical surface elevation at the point X = 0. I am unable to understand why there is such significant difference between the cases. I am attaching my input files and measured surface elevation from x = -2 m to x = 0 m.

IT would be really helpful if you could find out the issue.

Version: DualSPhysics v5.0.5 (latest)

System Parameters

OS: Linux


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  • Sorry, for safety reasons I cannot have a look at the files - if you upload to something like Github, I won't mind reading through them.

    What I am noticing is that your waves seem to be extremely small, like a few centimers?

    Then you should have at a minimum 0.01/10 = 0.001 m in resolution, which might be possible in 2D, but not sure.

    Did you test if any of the examples provided results which match theory?

    Kind regards

  • Hi @Asalih3d

    You can take a look at the files at my github -

    I have a current resolution of 0.006 m.

    This has been sufficient for me to simulate regular waves as low as 0.03125 m. I have matched irregular waves with the theoretical values previously. What is stumping me is that both the phase and magnitudes are not matched at all.

  • Hi. How did you set the Begin points in the MeasureTool? When I use MeasureTool it gives me heights equal to the initial BeginZ point that I set, which results in the wave height "eta" to be a straight line across all time steps. How did you get the wave heights? Can you help me with this? Thank you very much.

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