GPU memory question

Hello everyone,

I am sorry if this is a stupid question. So I got a RTX3090, and I am trying to simulate a high resolution dam-break case. I am using the precompiled Windows-version of DualSPHhysics with the latest Nvidia drivers (531.18 Nvidia game ready driver/528.49 Nvidia studio driver).

The GPU has a total memory of 32 GB. However, if I am trying to decrease the particle distance to about 2.5 mm, the solver is giving me a: "Failed GPU memory allocation. (CUDA error 2 (out of memory))". Nvidiainspector and the Windows task manager are showing me a memory usage of about 10 GB for a simulation with a particle distance of 3 mm. Therefore, I am assuming that a marginally smaller particle distance should also work. However, if I decrease the particle distance slightly (e.g. to 2.9 mm) I am also given the error from above. CUDA is showing a usage of about 95% in the Windows task manager for a simulation with 3 mm.

So I do not understand why I cannot decrease the particle distance by a greater amount. Am I misunderstanding the usage of memory here? Is there a different memory limit for CUDA? Is there some special Windows setting to use all the memory? I really do not understand why the Solver is complaining, as I can use the full memory on my laptop with a Linux environment and a GeForce RTX 3050 Laptop.

Thanks for your help in advance



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