Chrono Spring Force Evaluation


I have a question about the evaluation of spring forces in Chrono in the case of linear spring.

In the USER GUIDE, it is given that a linear spring has the equation

I would like to know whether the spring force is exclusively calculated by motion in the one direction alone? Consider a case where the spring is not linearly along the z direction. Rather it is angled from z as in the picture below.

So, is the spring force FPTO1 = kz' + c*vel.z' where the actual extension is considered or FPTO2 = kz + c*vel,z considering only the vertical direction?

From my understanding and looking at a couple of simulations, it is the former - where we consider the actual extension. But it would be helpful to get a confirmation of the same.

@Asalih3d @Alex


  • Actual extension is computed. Do not worry.

    Vertical direction is used in the examples since only heave motion was considered.


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