Simulation of a Flapping Foil

Hello everyone,

I am looking to simulate a flapping foil which can have a movement of translation (heaving) and rotation (pitching). I know that SPH is maybe not the best solution to simulate this kind of flow but I wanted to try... You can find a schema of the system in the picture below.

I try to reproduce some data from the litterature with Re = 500 000. I have lower values of translation amplitude and some times I have not at all self-sustained movement. I have tried to play with:

  • size of particule
  • shifting value
  • viscosity : i try with artificial and Laminar+SPS model

You will find attached to this post the Def.xml file.

I just would like to know if it is possible to have some remarks or advice about these simulations. Thanks a lot for your help!



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