Small SPH Tutorial Example

Hello everyone!

As some of you know I've been using DualSPHysics for quite a few years and really enjoyed the community around it. In the past month I've really wanted to learn more about how an SPH simulation is set up, therefore inspired by DualSPHysics I produced a small code to perform these calculations:

I really wanted to learn and understand how a SPH simulation is setup and which calculations are performed and how they are implemented - and going through the process trying to replicate a simple dam-break as done in DualSPHysics was a really good way to do so.

So I am sharing it here, in the hopes others could benefit from the teaching aspect of the code and how different boundary conditions actually are implemented.

Once again thank you to DualSPHysics for making such a great open-source project - having written a small piece my self I really came to see the challenges in developing these pieces of code.

Kind regards

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